3 Drawbacks of Custom Online Lottery Development

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Custom development is a great way to make your online lottery unique and differentiate it from the competition. This method can help your online lottery become the “go to” online lottery within your market. However, custom development is not without its drawbacks. In this article, we will discuss some of them: iLottery, NeoPollard, and IWG.


In 2016, the Virginia Lottery reported that its iLottery online lottery program exceeded its sales targets by more than $349 million. The Lottery plans to build on this success by expanding its affiliate program and cultivating relationships with marketing partners. As more states legalize iLottery, it is likely that sales will surpass comparable European levels in the next decade.

The iLottery online lottery is a good choice for US citizens who enjoy playing digital games. The site offers a number of games, including digital versions of traditional lottery games. Some of these games are available only online, while others require physical tickets from retailers.


NeoPollard is an award-winning lottery software and services provider, with an unrivaled track record of meeting the demands of lotteries across North America. The company combines proven industry leadership with a vision for the future, helping state lotteries achieve their full potential. Through its online lottery solutions, hybrid games, and other game content, NeoPollard helps lotteries increase player participation and revenue.

NeoPollard is a joint venture between Pollard Banknote Limited and NeoGames S.A., which are based in France. This partnership has resulted in an impressive increase in iLottery sales in the past three years. The company’s online lottery solutions are powered by its proprietary NeoSphere iLottery platform. Its NeoDraw draw games central system is one component of the Power Suite of iLottery services, which also includes Ignite Player Marketing services and advanced data analytics. The solution also includes Pollard Banknote playON(R) player engagement platform, which is a fully-functional mobile application.


IWG/NeoPollard is the joint venture between Pollard Banknote Limited and NeoGames S.A. The company has a global portfolio of games and is the leading supplier of instant win games to lotteries and commercial brands. It has over 15 years of experience developing top-selling games and a library of over 300 games that engage and retain players. These games are available in various game categories, including classic slot machines, progressive jackpot games, and sports games. The company’s experience and knowledge allows them to provide a portfolio of winning games that will expand their customer base and provide exceptional results.

IWG/NeoPollard has expanded its client base to include 21 state lotteries worldwide, including New Hampshire. The company’s partnership with NeoPollard has increased New Hampshire’s iLottery’s revenue by more than 100 percent year-over-year, and more than 67,000 players have registered accounts. The agreement with NeoPollard represents IWG’s second partnership with NeoPollard, following its partnership with the Michigan Lottery.