It’s an exciting time at Hybrid Construction. Team building time. We are doubling our workload with our main client, Postgreen Homes, over the next few months and need some help keeping up with these new projects. Here are some positions we’re looking to fill. We’ve outlined them very generally, but if you send an email to, John will be more than happy to give you a more detailed run down of what we’re looking for.

Steller Site Supers

These Site Supervisors will be running one to two construction jobs within a few blocks of each other at any one time. One is too boring. Three is too much. Two is just right. This position will report to John who is running all jobs at the top. He’s a nice guy, has lots of experience and is an excellent teacher and slow cooker of smoked meats. Here are some of the job requirements and perks:

  • Supervising construction sites in the field 90% of time. Office and meetings 10% of time.
  • Develop and manage construction schedules.
  • Manage all sub-contractors including scheduling, scope and technical questions on site.
  • Knowing the architectural plans inside and out for each job.
  • Finding gaps in plans and solving potential problems for subs before they happen.
  • Ensuring security at sites including opening and closing the sites.
  • Scheduling all material deliveries and assisting in material quantity takeoffs needed.
  • Driving to pickup materials when needed.
  • Record daily logs and expenses on each project.
  • Interact with Construction Management software on a daily basis via smart phone.
  • One big-a$$ iPhone 6+ if you don’t already have one.
  • Lots of custom made t-shirts and polo shirts.
  • A one of a kind hard hat.
  • A reasonable amount of free beer (if you like beer).
  • Working with a fun crew that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.
  • Room for advancement and training.
  • Pay based on experience and skills.

General Labor

These guys will be doing any number of jobs on a day to day basis at any of our projects or in our workshop. We build our own custom cabinets and other products for homes and some work will be done in the shop. The majority of the work will be at our job sites as needed. Pay is based on experience. A driver’s license is a plus for picking up materials and delivering to job sites. A vehicle is not a must.

Office / Purchasing Manager

This person will be working mainly in the office, but also visit the field as needed. Main responsibilities will include ordering all materials needed for all jobs on time and following up to ensure proper delivery to meet our construction schedules. General office management work will be required along with recording job expenses into Quickbooks and our Construction Management software. Must be proficient in basic computing programs, including MS Office. Experience with Quickbooks is a plus, but not required as we are willing to train anyone willing to learn.

That’s who we’re looking for at the moment. Hit up John with your resume and/or cover letter at to apply.