While we are still in the process of completing construction on the Avant Garage project by Postgreen Homes, the first unit was completed a few weeks back. Nic snapped some photos of the final product. It came out very nice and is certainly the most unique and potentially most impressive modern new construction home we have built for Postgreen Homes and Interface Studio Architects to date.





You can check out more pics at the Postgreen Homes Blog and final pics by our pro photographer will follow in a few months when the full project is finished.

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A few weeks back we had the opportunity to take part in a photo shoot of the finished 2.5 Beta house built for Postgreen Homes. Sam Oberter was the photographer hired by Postgreen Homes and Interface Studio Architects (ISA). The shots below were taken by Chad during the shoot, not Sam. You will notice the homeowners, Wes and April, participating in the shoot with one of their motorcycles of which they own about half a dozen. This is one of their modern Triumph’s with sidecar. Stay tuned for more final pics on the 2.5 Beta Project page in the future.

2.5 Beta by Hybrid Construction with Triumph Sidcar

Owners Wes and April in action in their Triumph with Sidecar

2.5 Beta by Hybrid Construction

Owners Wes and April prep for the photo shoot


We’ve completed all framing at the Avant Garage project and Postgreen Homes has scheduled a mid-construction tour event for the 29th to celebrate and get people to experience these unique homes. Check out some of the framing pics below and please do try to make it out to the event if you can. There is more info on the event at Postgreen Homes as well as a Facebook Event for you to RSVP to if you like.

The Stadium Stairs!


Access to our Roof Deck with TPO Roof

Pilot house on AG roof deck

Another View from the Front

AG - front right framing

As always, you can find many more images at our Hybrid Construction Flickr page.


Framing at Avant Garage

June 8, 2011

Avant Garage framing is progressing quickly even with the complications of the split level design and the odd facade dimensions. Much like the last few Postgreen Homes we have built, we are working with double-stud walls and other advanced framing techniques. We are also very conscious of our air sealing which we accomplish through a [...]

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Avant Garage is Underway

May 3, 2011

We have begun construction on Postgreen Homes Avant Garage project in Fishtown. So far, we have managed to get our footers and foundation walls in place. We hope to complete the foundation by the end of the week with the pouring of the slab. We are building two of the four homes to start and [...]

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The Two Point Five is Complete

April 14, 2011

We finished the Two Point Five a month ago, but we forgot to let anyone know. The house turned our beautifully and hit all the standards we aimed for. We hope to get our official LEED certifications soon and we will be sure to share more pictures when we have them. For now, here is [...]

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Skinny Project Pictures

February 15, 2011

Postgreen Homes has posted some great pictures of one of the homes we built in the Skinny Project. This home features a unique open tread stair, Marmoleum and strand bamboo flooring, IKEA cabinets and concrete counters. It is the corner unit in the project and has great light throughout. Here’s a teaser pic, but you’ll [...]

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The Two Point Five Beta is Nearly Complete

February 3, 2011

Work continues at the Two Point Five Beta, but we are nearly finished. The siding is almost complete and ready to be painted (if the weather will cooperate) and the interior finishes are all coming along. Early next week we will have countertops and appliances and then it’s almost all just touchup work. The only [...]

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Tour Our Current Project on January 6

January 3, 2011

The Two Point Five Beta project is progressing nicely and we should be able to have it mostly wrapped up by the end of the month. Since we have buyers anxious to get into the house, there won’t be anytime to show it off once it’s finished. So, we have decided to have an event [...]

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Two Point Five Foundations Are In

October 21, 2010

We just finished pouring the foundations for Postgreen’s Two Point Five project. This means we are just about ready to start framing and get this house off the ground. Stay tuned for more pictures as things progress.

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